Charleston, South Carolina

Every year we take a vacation with my dad’s side of the family. We’ve traveled to Myrtle Beach, Texas, Tennessee, and this year our destination was Charleston, South Carolina. First time visiting this gorgeous city for me and I look forward to when I can go back. My only complaint, the heat. July is NOT the time of year I would suggest going, even when the temperature wasn’t overboard, the humidity was. There was actually one afternoon where I didn’t venture out with the rest of the family because I felt so bad which I am contributing to the heat, humidity, and my anemia. Thankfully, I was able to venture out that evening though.

We stayed at Oak Plantation Campground and I would stay there again. The bath houses were clean and air conditioned. The staff was friendly, and the pool was the perfect temperature! Around the camp ground they had a giant chess board, swing set, and the fellow campers were good neighbors.

One of my favorite things that we did was a ghost tour by boat which I highly recommend. This was done after sunset and it took you around the Charleston Harbor while you listened to some of Charleston’s ghost stories. They offered a full bar during the 1.5-2 hour tour. The sights were beautiful and the breeze on the boat was refreshing.  If you are planning your trip, visit their website at Sandlapper Water Tours to see what else they offer!

The Charleston City Market was jam packed with vendors, stores, and tasty treats. Part of it is air conditioned while the other part isn’t. If you are planning to visit this piece of Charleston, I recommend to not go when rain is in the forecast and to wear comfortable shoes. Prior to this weekend, I didn’t know that this little area where the market is, is prone to flooding when it rains at high tide. Yep, that’s me in the middle of the flooded streets in one of those pictures below. There is no telling how many pictures and videos I was in this weekend as I rolled up my pants and trudged through the flooded streets. The majority of everyone was huddled under cover but I was that tourist in the middle of it all taking pictures. Why not, right? While in the middle of the flooded streets, we saw a man literally swimming down the street, should’ve snapped that!

When in Charleston, a must see is Rainbow Row. It’s near The Battery and truly, no picture does this row of beautiful colored homes any justice. I attempted to take some panoramic images of Rainbow Row but they just didn’t reflect the true beauty so here’s a small portion of this gorgeous area. If you are ever in Charleston, don’t miss walking by this part of town!

I mentioned The Battery above and that too, is another beautiful piece of scenery you don’t want to miss. The Battery is a park in Charleston with a gorgeous seawall along the lower shores of the Charleston peninsula. Here’s a little more info about The Battery.

There are so many things to do in Charleston. Something else we decided to do this weekend was visit Boone Hall Plantation and that place was just as gorgeous as the rest of Charleston I’ve mentioned above. If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, you might recognize through pictures that some of The Notebook was filmed at the Boone Hall Plantation. It was so neat to tour this site and instead of wasting your time by explaining it’s beauty, let me just share some of the pictures I snapped while there.

While in Charleston, we didn’t eat out except one time and when we did, we dined at the waterfront R.B.’s Seafood Restaurant on Shem Creek. The wait time was an hour and a half to two hours for our party of 7 but was definitely worth the wait. We enjoyed beverages on the loading dock while waiting for our table, watched the sunset as the boats came in and out of the waterway, and I’ve even heard dolphins have been known to follow the boats through there. I ordered a steak (yay for red meat, ha!) and not only was it huge, it was delicious as well.

These are just a few highlights of our time in Charleston and there is so much more to do there. This is one of my new favorite vacation spots but like I mentioned above, the next time I visit it’ll be in the cooler months. Have you ever been to Charleston? If so, I would love to hear about some of your must see/visit places. Maybe I’ll add those to my next visit to this beautiful city!

Here are some additional photos from our time in Charleston, enjoy!


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