Hello June!

Y’all, June is my blogiversary month!! I can’t believe how fast this first year has gone by. So many emotions, vacations, milestones, it’s been a whirlwind. As I reflect on some of my favorite posts throughout the last year, I’m humbled by the love and support of my regular readers. It helps knowing that when a specific topic comes to mind or something is laid on my heart to share, it could benefit someone else that I might not even know if it weren’t for this blog. That’s a pretty cool feeling.

Moving forward, what are some things that you as a reader would like to see more of? I always love reading your comments and feedback and welcome any suggestions to make this next year even better! I know personally, I want to just blog more. I say that over and over it seems but seriously, I mean it guys! I love being able to, it’s definitely something that relaxes me.

What are your plans this summer? June is the official month of summer after all. We have our usual plans for lots of pool days, the lake and a family vacation. I’m pretty excited, this year we’re going to travel to Charleston, a place I haven’t been but I’ve heard so many great things about. I will definitely share about that with you! My girl has decided to have more of a lazy summer and not participate in camps like in the years past. I think it’s good, after all, she’ll be returning to school as a sixth grader. Whoa is right! I can’t believe it either. It literally seems like yesterday she was starting Kindergarten.

As always, I hope your day is filled with lots of laughter. Happy June!


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