Renewal in the Midst of a Busy Season

As you know, I’m a busy mom. These last few months have been no different. Just touching a high level review of things that have taken place we’ve had Spring Break, three competitive cheerleading competitions, end of the year testing, photography sessions, Easter, fundraiser events, birthdays, field trip to the beach, Mother’s Day, teacher appreciation week, trip to Disney, women’s retreat, and tryouts for next season.

I’m not going to touch on every bit of that during this post but I did want to touch base on the women’s retreat that I experienced last weekend with ladies from Church. Let me give you a little bit of of a background. I was more of an extrovert before transitioning to work from home. I find myself feeling anxious about large crowds and taking on more of a introverted personality after being at home for the last 6+ years. This plays into and heightens my insecurities. It can also sometimes pose a concern when it comes to me longing for deeper relationships and friendships. When it was first announced about a women’s retreat with ladies from Church I wrestled with wanting to go but feeling that anxiety about going and being rejected, not accepted, or not connecting.

Despite my reservations, I decided to submit for my time off work and when it was approved, I took it as validation that I needed to go. So, that’s what I did. Much to my surprise, it couldn’t have been more farther from my initial anxiety led me to believe it’d be. As I found myself riding with a fellow lady from Church towards our retreat location in the mountains, we shared some deep and meaningful conversations. Once we arrived, those who were there were so welcoming and I felt like a contestant on Big Brother, claiming my bed. Ha! Throughout the rest of the afternoon, more ladies arrived and were scoping out our gorgeous home for the next few days. We were nestled up in the mountains, secluded from busy roads and businesses. The covered porch was long with rocking chairs, lights strung from the banister, and overlooked lots of gorgeous trees and scenery.

During our renewal weekend we reviewed 1 Corinthians 12 and spent a lot of time talking about how each of us have a specific and special gift that contributes to the body of Christ as a whole. I spent a lot of time focusing on trying to figure out what my specific gift was and what contribution I can make to better God’s Kingdom when in truth, I don’t need to worry about that. If I live in God and walk with Him, my gifts will naturally flow. I think as individuals, we spend so much time focused on narrowing down or attempting to narrow down ourselves to one specific gift instead of focusing on our walks and allowing our gifts to be revealed without thought or hesitation. At least, I am guilty of that.

We shared fellowship all throughout our time whether that was around the table, during Bible study, free time, watching Steel Magnolias, using our creativity in crafts, worshipping in the morning, and through other moments. It was something that just really gave me life and filled me. There were moments we laughed and moments we cried. There were many prayers we shared individually and together. It by far has been one of the most fulfilling and renewing weekends I’ve experienced and I left feeling more connected in my own personal walk with Jesus, more connected in friendships with fellow believers, and I left with a deeper yearning for a closer walk with Christ.

I still struggle making time for the Lord like I should but I’m working on it and I look forward to seeing how my relationship grows in Him and with those I have started a friendship with through the renewal weekend. I am so glad I went and I truly feel God brought those of us in attendance there together for a purpose.


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