A Monthly Reflection of 2016

As we welcome the new year, I’d like to share some of my favorite memories from each month of 2016. Man, it’s easy to get so caught up in the day to day but taking some time to remember each month individually, you realize how blessed you really are and how quick the time goes by.

We welcomed January 2016 at the beach, something we have done as a tradition since Kasey moved back to the Carolinas. We celebrated my grandmother’s 80th birthday and mourned the passing of Kasey’s grandmother. Towards the end of the month, we were outside playing in the snow.

In February, my daughter auditioned for a live theater production. She wasn’t selected but it was an experience I hope she’ll always remember. She did however get to participate in the production of Cinderella later on in the year!

In March, we traveled to Florida. We visited Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. We stayed on Disney property and cheered on my daughter and her cheer team as they competed in the UCA International All Star Championship.

In April, their team won Nationals. It was an emotional competition. Although my girl was excited they won book bags and brought home the national trophy, banner, and medals, she was so sad. It was her last competition on the mini level. The amount she has grown in these last few seasons amazes me. She has nailed her back handsprings and even is doing two-three in a row now and works on her tuck with a spot!

As a rising fifth grader, my girl tried out for the JV Middle School cheerleading squad at her school in May. In order for a fifth grader to make the middle school squad, they had to place in the top 5 at the end of the three day tryouts. She was so excited to find out that she made the squad! Also in May, our summer of concerts began with Kenny Chesney! We finished out the month with a trip to Tweetsie Railroad. A sad memory from May was when my daughter lost her Paw Paw on her dad’s side. It was a beautiful service for a wonderful man, I hope she’ll always remember the time she spent with him.

In June I finished running my second 5K and even shaved off 2 seconds from the first one! June was also the beginning of this blog, oh happy day (er, month)!

In July, we did something we had never done before. We went kayaking and man, the views were breathtaking and the feeling of being out in the middle of the river surrounded by nature is indescribable. It’s something I definitely want to do again! Something else we did for the first time was take a trip to Linville Caverns, super cool!

August was full of both good and not so great memories. We spent time in one of my favorite places, White Lake. I got to have a paint night out with one of my best girl friends, my step-mom was hospitalized with kidney stones, the 2016-2017 all star cheerleading schedule began with choreography camp, my daughter and her dad mourned the loss of their baby kitten, Chase. She also began her final year of elementary school, and I chopped my hair off.

Then, there was September. The month where my baby girl turned the big 1-0! We celebrated big with a limo, bowling, Olive Garden, and Emoji’s! We had a day-date at a local fair, the annual fundraising golf tournament, mommy/daughter date to see Kubo (highly recommend), and our final concert of our 11 summer concert series, Jason Aldean.

Something I can’t forget about in October was when I was really sick and one of my best girl friends surprised me with a box full of sunshine. It literally brightened my day so much and was so thoughtful! One thing we do each October is carve pumpkins. 2016 was no different, only we had Disney on the brain.

The most memorable thing about November and the time before it were all of the political posts, ads, commercials, billboards, you name it. It was Election year and I am so thankful for my right to vote! I also got to spend time with some of the cheer moms, which was a total blast. We experienced some not so fun motor vehicle problems. We took mini and my niece to see Trolls and Moana (we loved both)!

In December I turned 32, we picked out a live tree, made gingerbread houses, cookies, cinnamon ornaments, and watched Elf. Elfie and Emma returned, Kasey and I went to a Carolina Panthers football game, I downloaded Snapchat, and we celebrated Christmas in Texas and went to see the Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions game at AT&T Stadium!!

Wow, what a busy but overall pretty good year. We fought sicknesses, traveled a lot, did multiple things for the first time, and I look forward to seeing what 2017 has in store!

Thank you Jesus for the memories we made in 2016, both good and bad. Thank you for your traveling mercies as we traveled, thank you for the many plates of food that we consumed, thank you for healing when we were sick, and thank you for your guidance and deliverance when we were going through our vehicle issues. Thank you for the time with our family and friends. Thank you for your many blessings! Amen.


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