Week 20 Accountability – 12/13/16

I’m not quite sure where I got off track but yesterday was week 20 for our Weight Watchers at work series, the final week. I have gotten back to tracking and it felt good. With my daughter being sick I didn’t have as many temptations as I normally do because I spent a lot of time tending to her. It’s a small loss but a loss nonetheless! This week’s meeting focused on the power our words and thoughts have over us. When we speak positivity, we tend to react or respond in a positive manner just like when we speak negative, we tend to react or respond negatively. It’s so true. I shared an example that wasn’t Weight Watchers related but related regarding the power of our words and thoughts. This morning, I made my daughter wear a warm jacket that she isn’t too fond of. She’s been sick and it was chilly so that was a battle I took on. As she was leaving for school she told me I was a jerk and that she hated me. I had the option there to respond and I chose to remind myself that she doesn’t mean it and she was jut not happy she didn’t get her way. If I had chosen to tell myself she meant it and she really did hate me, I could’ve ruined my entire day. That’s just one small moment that couldn’t impacted an entire day all based on my thought and what I told myself. Same goes for the Weight Watchers program and lifestyle.

I was really excited to get a new charm for my keychain. I earned the 6 out of 8 weeks “me time” charm. This one was a struggle and I really had to make effort to get in some me time but it felt great when I did and I felt stronger in the end facing negative issues that couldn’t brought me down had I not put some time into myself prior to. Some things I did were a hot bubble bath, hand lettering, pedicure, watch movies, simple stuff. It was really eye opening how important it is to take care of ourselves and it’s okay to do so because after all, you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.

How has your week gone or your journey to weight loss? I’d love to hear from you!

Since this is the last week for the Weight Watchers at work series, it’ll also conclude my weekly weigh in posts but don’t fret, I’ll still blog about my journey with you!


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