“Cere-al’ Elf

I really need some sleep, got the biggest kick out of that and it probably wasn’t even that funny. “Cere-al” elf instead of “Silly ole” elf. Hilarious! Okay, so now that I’m showcasing my need for sleep, let’s get caught up on Elfie and Emma for today. My girl is still under the weather, I’d even say more so than she was yesterday. These two got into the Fruit Loops and left her a sweet message while munching on some of it themselves.

I overheard Elife telling Emma some of the things he’s gotten into in the past so I thought what better time than now, to share those with you. I’ll only share a handful here now and then can share more later.

  • Green milk and cookies

  • Trix bath

  • Toilet paper snowman

  • Sack race

As you can see, he’s grown over the years and still has just as much fun as his first year with us. We sure love our family elf, Elfie. His little reindeer, too!


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