He’s Back!

Guess who’s back? Our family elf Elfie and his pet reindeer, Emma! This year it’s a little different and although I’m looking forward to not having the pressure of not getting caught like in years past, I am sad that my little girl is growing up so fast.

You see, the Elf on the Shelf has been a family tradition of ours since she was a wee young thing and my grandmother introduced this silly ole elf to her. From a very young age, this elf has brought happiness, sadness, tears, and joy to our household through the years. He has even visited on her birthday and boy has that been an adventure! My daughter believed with all her might in this elf and his magic that the storybook explains. So much that one time she accidentally knocked him off where he was sitting. She cried for the longest time and wrote Santa the most precious and apologetic letter I’ve read. It broke my heart to see her so torn up but it literally was the sweetest thing.

So, onto how it’s different this year. You see, she’s a fifth grader and one night during our “girl talk”, she asked me to be completely honest with her about whether or not Elfie was real. She expressed that she didn’t want to be in fifth grade believing in Elfie and end up getting picked on, that’s when I knew it was time. I told her the truth about Elfie. Guess what though, she still wants me to keep our tradition going and have him getting into something or hiding on a daily basis so, that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I have to admit, I did shed a few tears but my girl has such a heart of gold that the following night during our “girl talk”, she asked me if she hurt my feelings because she knew the truth about Elfie now. Bless her!

I usually post a photo on social media daily of what our silly Elf has been up to but I thought I’d also start a little something new now that she knows the truth about our family elf and share Elfie’s adventures on my blog. I also want to send a shout out to my fellow Elf momma, Shayna. She posted some adorable pictures of her family Elf Peppermint and I loved how the border looked so I am doing something similar by using a border for the images I share, too. It excites me to hear of all the people who look forward to seeing what Elfie is doing on a daily basis this time each year so I’m excited my girls wants us to continue our tradition!

Does your family also share the Christmas tradition, Elf on the Shelf? I’d love to hear what your family elf’s name is and what are some things he/she has gotten into. Without stalling any further, I’d like to welcome and introduce to you (for those not familiar) to our family elf and his reindeer..

Elfie and Emma arrived earlier today and our cat Greycie was excited to greet both of them with purrs and a friendly photobomb. Elfie and Emma aren’t too sure about Greycie yet, she sure has grown a lot since last year. They’re keeping a close eye on her for now. When mini arrived home from school, she was so excited to see them sitting there and rushed over to give Elfie a big hug. She went through his suitcase to see if all of his clothing was still there and changed him out of his heavy jacket into some comfy socks. After all, it’s been a rather warm day here in the Carolinas. I wonder what these two have on their to-list for tomorrow?


2 responses to “He’s Back!

  1. Last year, Brianna asked me several times if Peppermint and his magic was real or if I moved him. I blame the You Tube videos! Though I had told her that if the child doesn’t believe, then yes it is true that the parents had to move the elf because their elf didn’t have any magic (since they don’t believe!) That is how I got around it because everyone does something different and kids talk! So, after an hour of talking to my husband, I went to her room to break the news. Of course, she said “I knew it!” but she was heartbroken and hid under her covers and cried, I cried. We talked and she got ok but she did say she wished she didn’t ask me to tell her the truth. On one hand, I think she appreciated the honesty and same as Laekyn, didn’t want to be made fun of, but on the other she loves that elf so dang much. She helped me “set up” the elf that evening for her brother and sister. She has only touched the elf a handful of times (to say goodbye for the year because Santa lifted his magic) in 8 years…8 years she could not touch this thing. She said it was weird, she couldn’t bear to handle him and hold him because it had been forbidden for so long. The next day, she said she was going to pretend we didn’t have that conversation and not help me set up the elf ever again. That she wants to continue to pretend he is real though she knows it’s not. I told her that was an awesome idea! So she still plays along and gets excited about it. Maybe there will not be tears on Christmas morning anymore as she use to do when the elf would fly back home with Santa Christmas Eve and she is still enjoying the “magic” of the elf with her brother and sister! I am glad that Laekyn is in on the secret too since they are good friends!!!


    • I got chills and related so much to your comment. I love that this has been a tradition in our homes for so long and I love how much it means to our girls. I am glad Laekyn still wants it to continue as well but you are right, kids talk and I think we both made the best decision for our girls (even though it was so heartbreaking) and they can share their own silly stories now about Peppermint and Elfie. Afterall, they’ve been best elf buds all these years! 🙂


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