Week 16 Accountability – 11/22/16

This is a week many are probably dreading when it comes to food, eating, and the thought of a scale. Me on the other hand, I’m feeling the opposite. I have been a place where food has controlled me now for quite some time and I’m seeing it inch it’s way back on me each time I step on the scale. This week was no different, not up a lot, but up enough. Up enough to say I’m over it. Will I adhere to the plan 100%? Heck no! I shouldn’t even attempt to hold myself to those standards considering how things have gone for the last I’d say eh, month. For me, it’s simple. Back to the basics. I am going to have to track. If I go over my points, okay. I will still track. I need to be more mindful and not allow myself to run to shovel away food any time stress comes over me. I’m not really sure how or when this rut began but it did begin and now it’s time to get out of it. Anyone relate? It’s okay, we are human (I know, you’ve heard me say that often but it’s so true). If it were “easy”, everyone would be doing it. It’s not though, it takes discipline, planning, and a positive mindset. That’s what I am trying to focus on this week and who knows, maybe I’ll get to celebrate a scale victory next week, right after a Thanksgiving holiday. How great would that be?! My girl got to come to my meeting with me this morning since she’s out of school. Talk about having some motivation to better myself, she’s it!!




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