Week 15 Accountability – 11/15/16

The last few weeks have been a real struggle for me and I’ve given into emotional eating, stress eating, and just turning to food when I really shouldn’t. I know this, I am admitting it, and I’m being honest. It happens, I’m human. We all have those moments and it’s being about to say it out loud that makes us stronger and more opt to overcome them. Below are my stats for week 15, sorry for the late post. It’s been a bit hectic and I haven’t wanted or been willing to share in the details until now. Again, I’m human. This week we discussed more about “me time” and although I didn’t have a scale victory, I did have a NSV (non-scale victory). I actually carved out some me time and soaked. Might not seem like a lot to someone but it was a big deal for me so I’m celebrating that!


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