I craved it, I ate it, I hate it.

You too? Weight loss is a journey, one that has ups, downs, twists and turns. There will be good days and there will be bad days. Days you ask  yourself why you’re on this journey and days when you are so motivated you feel you could take on the world. That’s just how it is.

Tonight, I had a not so great moment in my journey.

Most people wouldn’t be open to share the struggle areas of weight loss but that’s part of the story. It isn’t some fairytale and in all reality, being honest with yourself and others is the only way to truly embrace every aspect of your journey as a whole. Being completely vulnerable with you..

I craved it. What did I crave? My nemesis, cheese fries. It had been weeks, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had any, and so I got some. I knew they weren’t the best choice but guess what? I ate it (anyway). While I was shoveling them in my face, and that is probably no exaggeration, I enjoyed them. Then, they were gone. The quick and short happiness they provided in the moment, was gone. Now, I hate it. I feel nasty. Not just mindfulness head nasty, but legit (without tmi details) stomach hated it, nasty.

Now, I live with feeling yuck for awhile based on my poor choice. That’s part of the journey though, right? I’m embracing the bad with the good. One day, I’ll laugh and be thankful for this craved it, ate it, hate it moment.

Have you had any of those moments lately?


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