Week 8 Accountability – 09/27/16

Good morning!

I apologize for posting this late but I’ve been swamped with, well.. life. I went to my meeting Tuesday and was so ecstatic to see that I weighed the exact same from the previous week. That’s right, no gain nor loss. One might ask, why would that be exciting?

You see, I didn’t have such a great week. Well, let me rephrase. I had a great week, but the last couple of days were a doozy. For the first time EVER during my Weight Watchers journey, I had a negative week. Specifically I had an 81 point day on Sunday because I gave in to emotional eating, my nemesis!

Does that define me? Not one bit. I tracked it, and moved on. I expected my -49 week to result in a big gain come meeting day but it didn’t. For that I am grateful! This week, I am doing my best to not give in to those days where I just want to eat my emotions and instead, finding other things to do when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed or anxious. What are some things you do so that you don’t eat your emotions?

During our meeting, the instructor had a wonderful visual. She had a mason jar, golf balls, and colored gems. We passed the jar around with the bag of gems and some of us took time to take as many gems as needed to describe things we do for others. Once we were finished, we then used the golf balls to represent what we do for ourself. When the jar had the colored gems in it first and then we tried to fit in the golf balls, it didn’t fit. If we put the golf balls in first then we were able to fit the entire bag of colored gems in the jar as well.

What’s the point of the visual? We must do for ourselves so that we can be our best us for others and can more effectively do what we are obligated to or want to do for someone else. What a reality check!

Have a great week, friends!


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