Week 4 Accountability – 08/30/16

Hey y’all, forgive me for my absence during weeks 2 & 3. Life happened.

I was out of town for the last two meetings for Weight Watchers and to be honest, didn’t do that great of a job tracking my points. I gave it some thought yesterday morning and almost didn’t go because I placed so much emphasis on the number on the scale. However, I overcame that and went. Every day is a new opportunity to do better than the day before. Surprisingly, I didn’t do as bad as I had told myself and made myself to believe. In the end, my mind tried to determine my worth solely based on a number on the scale and after two whole weeks, I was only up 0.8 which was a breath of fresh air.

Have any of you have those moments where your mind got the best of you and in turn, you had prepared for the worst that didn’t even occur to begin with? That was me this weigh in however, I expect a loss next Tuesday. You just wait, watch, and see. I’m getting this done for me and that motivation is strong as ever right now.

Here’s to healthier choices and not letting the scale define us!


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