Turning the Page

This week marks a new chapter for me. Will it be perfect? No. Will it take dedication, accountability, and discipline? Yes, certainly. I snapped this picture yesterday morning when I arrived to work for our team meeting. On my way there, I stopped by the local Weight Watchers and weighed in for the first time in this new chapter. This week marks week 1 for our Weight Watchers at Work Series 2 and I am determined to not only be successful during the series but to be successful thereafter. My ultimate goal is to do so well on Weight Watchers that I become a lifetime member. I seriously believe in Weight Watchers and in no way, shape, or form is it a “diet”, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is not only attainable but manageable. I can’t stand to hear someone say they are on a diet, what’s the point? Whatever tickles their fancy I guess but for me, I refuse to be on a diet.

Enough of that, this week as a I turned the page in my planner to August I had a time to reflect. The page before the month divider from my happy planner is a page that I am so thankful for. To some, it might seem like just a list (which it is)
but for me it’s much more. It’s a reminder of my journey in life and I appreciate this piece of my journal as the months go by, I can look back and reflect on seasons of my life. These little lists, take me back. They stir up memories, some good and some not so good. So here’s my list currently for this month.

Something else that I have started (well technically, today is my “day 1”) is an arm sculpting challenge that I found on Pinterest that originated from Pop Sugar. When I look at a photo of myself, the first thing I notice is my arms and how I am not so pleased with their appearance. I am thankful for my arms and all that they allow me to do, I just need to focus more on taking care of them and I am hoping by this arm sculpting challenge, I won’t only improve them physically but I’ll improve my thought about them mentally. Have you ever tried an arm challenge for a certain amount of days, weeks, or months? If so, I’d love to hear your experience. If you’re interested in the challenge I’m going to be doing, you can find it on the Pop Sugar website, the direct link is here: 21-Day Arm Sculpting Challenge. If you’re going to commit to the challenge with me, please comment on the post so we can hold each other accountable!

August is going to be a busy but I’m proclaiming it to be an amazing month! Kids go back to school, fall semester in college starts, new opportunities at work are arising, new weight loss, fitness, and nutrition goals, and so much more. Here’s to turning the page to a new month!


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