Oh happy day!


As I mentioned in my description below, I am an avid planner. I love all things sticky, colorful, creative, cute, and organized. A couple years ago I used a Lily Pulitzer planner, made the switch to Erin Condren last year, and halfway through this year I’ve been using the Corie Clark Purposeful Planner. I love all of these that I’ve mentioned but gave into my habit and have already decided on the next planner. It’s called The Happy Planner by Create 365. So much to talk about regarding this planner but since this is just the introduction to my planner obsession, I will keep it brief and just let you know about the items you see pictured.

I purchased all of the items at our local Hobby Lobby store and scored most of the accessories for 50% off because of a sale they were having while I also had a 40% off coupon that I used on the planner itself. Here’s a list of what is in my pictured image:

  • Create 365 Happy Planner with the “Enjoy the little things” cover
  • Create 365 Gold Paperclips
  • Flea Market Fancy Gold Camera Paperclips
  • Create 365 Page Protectors
  • Create 365 Pocket Cards
  • Create 365 Stickers
  • Spare Parts Pineapple Metal Clips

There are so many other things that I want to purchase as I spend time with and use this new planner and when I do, I’ll share those with you as well. If you’ve used the Happy Planner or any planner for that matter, then I’d love to hear your experiences and see your creations within it. I’ll be sharing some of mine here with you. Here’s to an organized, full of life, and happy planner!


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